Kalle 2003-01-01  04:03 Strömsholm Me and Katarina in Granada
Alhambra Chimneys, Las Alpujaras The blonde scandinavian type
Mum and I Katarina on Öland Öland
Me and Åke on Hallskär in the Stockholm archipelago Sailing to Gotland Åke on our way to Gotland
Åke and David preparing themselves for a long night in Visby Out sailing again in the archipelago, Åke posing Blue blue winds and water. This picture took me to a top five qualifying position for a famous beer commercial
Red needles. Weird but creative professor balthazar startof project in Umeå. Magnus starts of puking in bucket and after fiften steps is served a fresh glas of water with an aspirin in. Visiting my friend Therese in Gran Canaria
Year 2003. A very turbulent year. First attempt for master programme design studies in Umeå a complete success.