Henrik and I Professor Jan Blomstrand looking his best Uncle Don, Auntie Moya, me, Mum and Dad
Adam concentrating Claes, Adde, Åke, Johan sitting by the fire talking about good old days. Could have been midsummer but it aint
Henrik and his guitarra Eeeiiyyyy The gypsi tour in a VAZ, Gotland
'Darn we're hot, we are going to get soo many chicks this week'. 'Damn sure, we're going to get loads of'em', Tobias and Adde calculating their chances on getting lucky on Gotland How on earth could this happen? Flat tire on Gotland Kia, mum and dad
Calvi, Corse Calvi, Corse Stockholm Archipelago
Brother with girlfriend, Mia Home sweet home, Stockholm Blah, blah, blah... Johan, aka 'Flingan', and Andreas aka 'Appeldrule'
Year 2001. Life is easy but heading in a non desired direction.